Yesterday I posted an article about the Thera-band Exercise Bands.  Today I copied it to a more permanent Page.  That Page has the links to the Thera-Band site and the instruction manual.

This morning I took the roll of elastic bands and a scissors to the gym.  Our goal was to  integrate these band workouts into my wife’s morning workout.

But first – let’s back up a little.

My wife – pre-stroke – was a voracious reader of Romance novels.  She could plow through an entire book in one sitting.  In the same time, I would get maybe a chapter read of whatever I was reading.  Post Stroke – she could not focus sufficiently to read.  Her favorite books were by her side, but she read only a page or so before putting them down.   This frightened the hell out of me.

Her cousins got her a Kindle book reader.  She was not very excited.  She had resisted getting a digital book reader for the past year.  I bought the Fifty Shades of Grey for the Kindle – that did it.  Whether it was the interest level or just the right time, she was back reading.  She finished book one and did a forced march through books two and three.  She read the series twice – which is (was) not unusual for her.  I credit Fifty Shades for making her a reader again and for getting her to love her Kindle.

Back to the Thera-Bands.  We started flipping through the Instruction Manual.  She started laughing.  I looked at her with a quizzical look on my face.  She turned to me and said – “The Fifty Shades of Grey.”  I looked at the page and realized that these bands were being used in a manner that was one step removed from the “scenes” in that book.   Maybe these bands are a big seller in the BDSM world.  Who knows?

This morning, as I packed up the roll of elastic bands and the scissors – I turned to her and said – “time for your Fifty Shades of Grey workout.”