While my wife was residing at the rehab center, one of the exercises was throwing a beach ball around.  The ball was super light and not fully inflated.  This allowed the individuals to grab it more easily.  At that time, the therapist was behind her and literally holding onto her belt to keep her from falling.  The Therapy Aide was doing most of the throwing and chasing balls.  Many times there was a third person in the “circle” who was sitting in a wheelchair.

We have integrated that exercise into her morning workouts.  We use the smallest Swiss Ball which is heavier than the beach ball and will bounce.  We stand about 20 feet apart.  When we started – we were maybe 10 feet apart.  Now we are as far apart as the room allows and the throws vary.

We start with a simple bounce in the center along with having her “dribble” with her right hand only.

In no special order, we change things up.

The center bounce becomes a slam down with her right hand.

Then throw the ball in the air and hit it with her right hand as you would in volleyball.

Squat and up underhand throw.  Almost the same as a Kettlebell swing.

Finally, hold the ball overhead and smash it to the ground.

Chasing an errant ball – twisting and turning – bending and reaching – all part of the action.

The best part – she enjoys doing this and feels it is of benefit.

Even better – it actually is a bit of a workout for me.  🙂