I’ve reported that one of the exercises that my wife and I do is to throw around a small Swiss Ball.  It really is a simple and fun thing to do.  Wears her out and makes me work for my breakfast.  The benefits of her rehab are numerous – every now and then you see their practical application.

Our grandkids came over yesterday.  It was a beautiful day – not too hot.  They found the Swiss Ball I purchased years ago and have very rarely used.  It is a medium-sized one.  Next thing we knew – we were playing Monkey in the Middle with the kids.  My wife was able to interact with them in a physical manner which really meant that she stayed still and threw the ball around.  What fun.

I don’t think the kids even realized that she was standing in one spot with minimal movement.  They chased a large ball all over the patio.

I respect her therapists – but – damn – I don’t think they really know their way around a gym.  They are more at home working with very elderly and very limited individuals. 

She has been restricted from doing upper body – arm exercises.  I do not understand why – but will obey the therapist – for now.  I see some of the exercises they have assigned – she can do those using dumbbells or machines.  Nope – no can do.

I will keep on doing – what I am doing with her.