My back is a mess – has been for years.  My first major bout was in College.  I was on the top of a bunk bed, heard that Kennedy had been shot – jumped down and landed in the ER with a severe back problem.  That was Day One.  Since then – let me count the number of times that I have been to an Orthopedist’s or Chiropractor’s office – Many.  As I’ve aged – it has not gotten better – now it is L4, L5, protrusions, arthritic changes – name it – I should’ve been walking on all fours.

I listened well to the chorus of fools and only did the machines which stabilized my back.  Man – I grew muscles – but the back still hurt.  Sciatica they name is pain.

I ended up with an area of paresthesia on my left leg from my ankle up about 12 inches more or less.  It was a constant annoyance.  Obviously, something was impinging upon a nerve.  I went to an Orthopedic Surgeon.  He asked me to touch my toes – I did – and maybe – my palms down as well – He said – tough it out – you are not a candidate for surgery.

After years of refusing to do any free weights, out of fear of injuring my back, I was encouraged to do them through my interaction on the 52DC.  I started – slowly.  The area of paresthesia was ever-present.  My friend – my enemy – just there.

Yesterday, I realized two things.  The tingling was back – the tingling had been gone for years.  Who realized – not me.

I have done every exercise that should have destroyed my back – instead – it helped. WTF?

This is a puzzle.

My conclusion:  Hitting all those stabilizing muscles and core muscles really helped.

Well – unfortunately my “friend” is back.  I don’t care – it reminds me that it was gone for a couple of years – so I’ll just keep on truck’n and eventually it will disappear again.

Stabilizing Muscles – they are the ones you need to focus on.  Forget the Bro-Science and just Do It.