Came across this study: Adding dairy products to your diet will not make you skinny.

Seriously now, they analyzed a bunch of other studies – 29 to be exact – and came to this conclusion.  Are you ready – here goes:

The bottom line is still energy balance,” Hu told Reuters Health.

For people hoping to control their weight, “I don’t think it’s a good idea to add dairy on top of their diet,” he said. “If their baseline dairy is low, if they want to increase their dairy consumption, they have to reduce something else,” such as sugar-sweetened drinks or less-healthy protein sources like processed meat.

Making those healthier substitutions, Hu added, “may not have a direct benefit on body weight, but it certainly may have other health benefits.

And – what does that mean for TNT Dieters – One of the key concepts oft-repeated is that if you are not losing weight – decrease your dairy products and nut consumption.