Saw the last half hour or so of “Real Steel” the robot boxing movie with Hugh Jackman.  Damn – that guy can bulk up when the movie calls for it.  Saw him on Broadway in “The Boy From Oz,”  as a song and dance man – wow – made any cardio workout I’ve done look like a walk in the park.

This morning I was able to workout at NYSC.  Man – I miss the sound of Iron clanging against Iron.  The sound gives you an instant auditory feedback.  It engages you in an overall sensuous experience.

At Retro Fitness, the iron’s natural hardness is covered in rubber.  The feel is soft.  The sound is not there.  The overall experience is muted.

You pick up the weight and your hands engulf soft rubber.  Your muscles don’t respond to the weight as they should.  Trying to slide the damnable rubber coated thing onto the hard bar calls for massive amounts of lube that are nowhere to be found.  Why bother with a safety collar – the rubber will never slide off the bar.

Yes – you can get the same workout at Retro Fitness – but the pleasure is covered in rubber.  😦