I am NOT a big Facebook or other internet social media user.  If I want to catch up with a friend, I would rather do it in person – face to face – or at least on the telephone.  Damn – I enjoy the human connection.

My college fraternity – yep – 45 years ago – has started to re-group on the internet and now on Facebook.  It all started with the death of two brothers.  Sad – but that is where we are.  We are all 66-70 or so.  Me – well I am 68.

The last reunion was about 5 years ago.  It was nice – I could not recognize or even remember most – freaky.  Had a good time anyway.  Two weeks later – bumped into a brother – I had no memory of at the party – at a the house of a Mourner – a friend who had lost his father.  My fraternity brother was a friend of his since kindergarten – small world.

Someone created a Fraternity Facebook page.  I understand.  Checked in on it.  Damn – Damn – Damn – somebody posted a picture of me at that reunion.  Up close and personal.  I am fat as a PIG.  Huge – I want to kill the SOB who posted it.  That is not ME.  Not anymore.  Tears in my eyes.

The digital world – nothing is forgotten.  All is there – forever.

We were in New Orleans pre-Katrina.  Had a great time.  Walked around as guys threw beads down to girls who flashed their breasts.  Funny – until we realized that everyone was taking digital photos and posting them to the Web – there forever -“Hey Mom – isn’t that you?”

Privacy – what privacy – gone but not forgotten – at least by the old folks.