The last day of the Fall 2012 52 Day Challenge was Friday September 28th.  Here are my Final Numbers:

Clean Eats: 103/104/96 Thumbs-Up
Resistance Training: 23/15 Thumbs-Up
Cardio Training: 18/15 Thumbs-Up
Personal Goal 1 (Personal Trainer for my wife): 32/15 Thumbs-Up

They look super – an in fact – given – the obstacles  live threw at us – they are super.

The Challenge started on August 8th, 12 days after my wife came home from 3 months of living in rehab facilities.  That she went to the gym 32 days is fantastic.  She did not go on the days she had therapy and on days that we otherwise could not go.  32 is probably 99% of all possible days.

That I was able to work out 41 days – is amazing.  Not the most intense workouts – but still – I got there and did my thing.

The best part – I maintained my weight to the pound.  This is the longest time I have ever maintained my weight.

Eating Very Low Carb – Ketogenic – is easy and effective.  I’ve got no complaints – well maybe one – I wish there were more options when standing in front of a Vending Machine.  The only one – a bag of peanuts  – love them – but still.