We were due to go to Florida about the 2nd or 3rd week in May.  It was to be our last visit of the season and we needed to close up our place for the summer.  My wife’s stroke on May 2nd put an end to that vacation.  I changed the tickets to this week.

Although my wife is able to walk semi-independently, there is no way she could do our normal trip:  Park at a lot, load the luggage onto the bus, unload at the airport a distance away from the main door, get to the door, ride the escalators up 2 or 3 flights with the luggage, check in, walk to the security check-in, stand on line forever, finally get through and walk to the gate; then do the opposite on the other side.

Modifications had to be made.  We packed with minimal carry-ons and only one regular and one small piece of luggage.  I took my friend up on his offer and let him drive us to the airport.  We got off close to the check-in counter and she got in a wheelchair.  With the guy wheeling her, we got to the security point and went to the head of the line.  WOW!  He dropped us off right by the gate.  We were early.  By the time the plane was ready to board, there were over a dozen people in chairs lined up to go on the plane.  It looked like a parade.  My wife walked on using her cane and my arm.

The other side was the same – easy until we got to the car rental.  The story went down hill from there and it will be told another time.  End result – we lost an hour but got a bigger car for less money.

It is good to have friends.  They pitched in and closed up our place last May.  They also opened it for us.  We walked in – and the place was set up with breakfast food in the fridge.

My wife’s venture into the pool was a positive experience.  The place has an easy walk in pool – no surprise for an over 55 development.  She was able to swim around and wear herself out.  Happiness.  This afternoon, she will do it again.

This morning we went to the fitness rooms at the club house.  We have never used it since it is really undernourished.  This time the focus was on her and it worked out just fine.  After 20 minutes on the Cardio machines we moved over to the large exercise class room.  No one was using it, so we were able to vigorously throw around the Swiss ball.  She had to really move in every direction.  She rose to the challenge.

Getting home will have some different challenges – but we’ll handle them.