Spent time with my wife in the fitness rooms at the Club House.  I was able to get in a fast workout while she was on the Cardio machines.

Then we went into the classroom which was empty.  It is a nice area – about 25 by 25.  She did some balance and floor exercises, then we started to throw around the Swiss Ball.  I would throw it a bit off side to make her move.  Tried something new.  Told her to throw the ball to me, then move two steps counter-clockwise.  That puts the effort on her right side.

She was moving well – so we upped the ante.  She had to keep moving in a circle just as I did.  We had to throw/bounce the ball to each other but – constantly moving in the circle.  Once you caught the ball – you had to throw it – all while moving.  Once the rhythm was there – I upped the speed.  Then went clockwise.  You could not stop.  You had to be in constant motion.

Try it.  – It is not easy to do.  She surprised herself with being able to move that quickly while catching – reaching – throwing the ball.  She never lost her balance.

Damn – I wish we had an area like that available to us up north.  We will find another way – there is always another way.

Signed on for the Classic 52DC.  Starts in 9 days.  My Personal Goal:  5,200 pushups – 100 a day.  Need to do some exercises that I can do at home.