Today is the start of the Classic 2012 52 Day Challenge.  Over 50 Challengers have signed on.  There are a mix of  Newbies along with the regulars and those who have done prior Challenges and have been away for a while.  It is good to see them.  This has turned into one super on-line community.

I have been frozen in place since May 2nd.  It is time to up the ante.  I have re-printed my last DIY Phase 9 workout program and started with that one today.  Nice feeling.  Once I get back into this – I will start sharpening the pencil and re-designing my workouts.

Oh yeah – I managed to do 50 decline push-ups in one set.  Not smooth – not perfect – but still – one set.  Tonight I need to do 50 more at home.  Why did I come up with the crazy goal of doing 100 a day for the 52DC? 

Interesting day with my wife.  We went to the gym early this morning.  She did her Cardio for 20 minutes on the Treadmill and then voluntarily picked up the light dumbbells and did the arm exercises we’ve been working on while I finished my workout.  While I was in the locker room gathering up our stuff she sat down on one of the arm machines and did a couple of sets.  We may be getting to the point that I can giver her a list and set her on her own.  Time will tell.

At home, she headed upstairs to shower while I made breakfast and came down the stairs on her own.  After she did the dishes, she once again headed up stairs to speak to me and went down on her own to deal with a delivery guy.  Then she went up again to finish dressing and again came down on her own.  That’s 3 times.  Exceptional – up until now – once and I would have to watch her coming down the stairs.  This is a major jump.  Still – first time coming down in the morning – and going up the stairs late in the day are tough times.

No complaints – real progress is being made.

ETA: When I got home this evening, I learned that later this morning she had gone up and down the stairs when a friend came to visit.  That makes 4 + 1 for down in the morning and up at night.  Next home – one floor ranch.