I caught an Article on Yahoo:  For a Healthy Brain, Physical Exercise Trumps Mental Workout, by Christopher Wanjek, LiveScience Bad Medicine Columnist, LiveScience.com.  This study involved more than 600 people in Scotland between the ages 70 and 73.

Regular physical exercise appears to protect the brain from shrinking, an otherwise natural process in old age that is associated with memory and thinking problems.

Conversely, mentally and socially stimulating activities, long believed to stimulate the brain, had no major effect on preventing brain shrinkage, according to a study published today (Oct. 22) in the journal Neurology.

If the impact of exercise on the elderly in Scotland does not persuade you, then check out the following (thanks to Jam Fan’s post on the 52DC):

Does this mean we have to revise all of our jokes about the intelligence of Weight Lifters?  – OR – Is this the way Arnold increased his intelligence enough to become Governor?