Strange morning at the gym.

Today was a Cardio day for me and a Resistance Training day for my wife.

She headed for the Elliptical and I for the weights.  I did a series of complexes that have a similar impact to doing HIIT.

When I first got to the weight area, there was a guy sitting on a bench looking at the TV screen – which was set for the gym’s internal programing.  He was rotund, about 5′ 8″ and probably in his late 40’s – barely 50, although graying and balding.  I assumed he was taking a break.  Nope.  He just sat there. 5, 10, 15 minutes – nothing but sitting and watching the screen.  No evidence of sweat or having done any activity before I got there.  Eventually he was gone.  The next time I saw him he had his coat on and was heading out the door.

My wife did 12 minutes on the Elliptical and then a series of machines and cables.  One set of 20 on each – lightest resistance.  The goal is movement and form not strength.  She suffers my direction heroically.  Started her on Swiss Ball Crunches – doing fine.  Balance and Core – necessary components of recovery.

I use the 15 pound weights as hand holds when I do push-ups.  They are round weights which forces more attention and effort to keep them in place.  I do them on a thick mat which helps prevent the roll-out.  I would prefer real push-up grips or hex shaped weights – but not at this gym.  A guy came up and warned me about using the round weights.  He related a story of someone in his Tae Kwon Do class who did that – lost control – and broke one of the bones in his arm which protruded after the fall.  I thanked him and assured him that my focus is keeping the weights steady.

I have pulled ahead of my 100-a-day goal for push-ups for the 52DC.  If my luck holds out – I might hit 6,000.  Time will tell.

BTW:  Made Beef Curry last evening.  Not bad.  A lot of spices but took less than 1 hour from prep to serving.  Used good quality beef so it was tender with minimal cooking.  Chopped up two bags of frozen cauliflower to substitute for rice.  Also, not bad.  Salad with a home-made ginger dressing rounded out the meal.  TNT Plan A – OK & the main dish was Paleo OK since I used coconut milk and coconut oil.  Only problems for Paleo – not grass fed beef and used soy sauce in the salad dressing.