Now that my wife is able to sustain close to 30 minutes between the Elliptical and Treadmill, I have time to get in a relatively full RT.  Happiness.  I am recycling my BBOE DIY workouts – doing No. 8.

Surprising what happens when you don’t do it all on a continuous basis – you start to lose a bit of your capabilities.  This showed up in doing the Flys on the Cable machine – not even close to doing the weight I’ve done before.  So What.  The future is ahead of me.

But – the Swiss-Ball Hip Raise and Leg Curl (see page 243 of the BBOE) is a surprisingly intense exercise.  It really hits your Glutes and Hamstrings – Pain!

Moving forward on the Push-up goal for the 52DC – increased the number of reps per day to 150.  I want to hit 6000 by the end of the Challenge.

The 52DC is going to end with a reward – we just booked some time in Florida starting on the last 2 days of the Challenge.  I think my wife is ready to go with me to the real gym and not just the little exercise room at the club house.  Looks good.