My brain hurts.   Yes it does – probably from eating foods that my pre-historic ancestors never ate.  😉

I read Robb Wolf’s book and some of the on-line information concerning the Paleo Diet.  There is a huge amount of information out there – some adherents are almost to the point of proselytizing.   Be that as it may.

Add another variable – my grandson has significant food allergies.  He started off with peanuts, legumes, tree nuts, soy, sesame and a list that could rock your world.  As he has aged – he is now a ripe old age of 5 – his list is down to peanuts, tree nuts and sesame.  He can now have legumes – but wait – peanuts are legumes.  Huh?  It appears that his blood test shows a reaction to legumes but not a skin test.  So – he may have a minor allergic reaction – but not sufficient to avoid eating legumes – except peanuts – which he has shown a major overt physical reaction

You can refine peanut oil to remove all traces of the protein which causes the allergy.  Not sure that I know any parent who would risk using peanut oil – no matter how many certifications it has confirming the removal of the allergen.

Now let’s circle back to the Paleo Diet.  There seems to be too much overlap between their “scientific” basis for limiting these foods and these allergic reactions.  Their point is:  It may not show up as a full-blown allergy, but the underlying reaction in the body is the same – just as my grandson’s reaction to legumes only shows up in his blood work. 

But – again – not everyone has an allergic reaction.  The generalization of these concepts to everyone – when we are still evolving in our ability to eat these foods – maybe overstating their case – and undermining humankind’s adaptation to these foods. 

I wish I knew the answer. 

Should I get a blood test before I have my next bag of peanuts?  I am not sure I want to know the answer to that one – I like peanuts and want to keep eating them. 

My head is in the sand on that one as it is with cheese.