As part of the 52DC, I posted a goal of doing 5200 push-ups during the 52 days.  Obviously – an average of 100 per day.  As I got rolling, I upped it to 150 a day.  Now – I am aiming for 200 per day.  My new goal is 6200.

Usually I do them in multiple sets of 25.  Then the first set hit 35 – then 40.  This morning – 50.

Interspersed between other exercises, I did 200 during this morning’s work out.  I may hit 250 before my head hits the pillow tonight.   That will balance off yesterday, when I only had time to do 150.

ETA: I did 305 bringing my total as of today – 11/29/12 – to an even 6,000.

Since the present gym doesn’t have push-up grips, I’ve been using round dumbbells.  They can be dangerous if you lose control.  Controlling them is an extra aspect of the exercise.  Last night I ordered Grips and Hanging Leg Raise straps.  Need to get back to doing what I want and not be limited by the available equipment.  I will be carrying a little bag with me – along with my clip board – just Sad.

I do not know how many push-ups I will do – check back on December 8th for the final tally

The More You Do – The More You Can Do!