Today’s 52DC Host, EalBirdfeet asked the following question:  “What have you learned about yourself this challenge?

SixGz answered: I’ve reinforced the fact that working out complements proper food choices for fat loss, the corollary is “You can’t out bike/run/swim a Snickers bar”.

I’ve tweaked that just a bit: You can’t out lift, bike, run or swim a Snickers Bar Truth be told.
The next 52DC starts on Wednesday, January 2nd.  Yep – just enough time to allow you to catch your breath from Holiday partying.
BTW: My copy of Lyle McDonald’s The Ketogenic Diet arrived.  323 pages.   It was copyrighted in 1998.  The information quoted by so many of his acolytes is now 14 years old.  This book has not been updated.  It will be interesting to see if there are any significant differences between his information and Phinney & Volek’s recent books.