Last evening was a wedding.  I don’t like Friday night events.  The switch from working to being at a 4:00pm Church wedding was tough.  For me – just freshen up and switch suits.  For my wife – not so easy.  Aside from the extraordinary effort that it takes to do what was just the usual stuff – there was a MAJOR decision – Shoes. The big issue was heels.  It has been seven months since the stroke and the last time she wore heels.

The last “dancing” event we went to she wore flats with rubber soles.  She needed to do a lot of sitting and dancing was not easy – rubber soles and a body that does not respond the way it should.   She made progress that evening when she took her shoes off.

This time she wanted to wear dress shoes that she could dance in.  That meant heels and leather soles.   There were 4 pair in contention.  Of those, three were 3 inch heels and one was 2 inches.

She went to the Church service in flats.  We swung by the house on the way to the reception.  She finally settled on the 2 inch heels.  The flats went in a plastic bag and got checked with our coats.  She needed the security of a back up pair.

During the cocktail hour, she walked around and “stood” talking with many people.  She handled it well.  I watched from a distance – did not want to hover over her.

The walk to the party room from the cocktail area was long and slow.  She was on my elbow.  It took forever until the opening “stuff” got done and the dance floor was open to the party goers.

We danced slow.  She was tentative – holding on to me.  The beat of the music picked up and I forced a more open dancing encouraging her along the way.  They did a set for us old folk – songs from our college days and fraternity parties  – she started to get the old moves back.  The right arm is still a problem which meant swing outs and twirls had to be controlled.  Every dance she improved and got more daring.  Finally towards the end of the evening, as we were doing a slow dance – she once again – “lead” and made me look good.

Those who knew – constantly complimented her.  She felt good.

This morning – ouch – the scale showed my indiscretions.  We eventually got up and hit the gym.  A lighter workout then usual – but given the workout the night before – just right.