Yesterday was the last day of the Challenge.  Rather than pushing myself to the end – I decided to take a break.   We needed it.  Today  – back at the Gym.

My Final Numbers:

Clean Eats: 99/104/96 Thumbs-Up   I finished the Challenge at my Target Weight – 180 – on the nose.

Resistance Training: 19/15 Thumbs-Up I need to increase the intensity of this – but I am happy – given our family situation.

Cardio Training: 19/15 Thumbs-Up I do this as my own form of Complex and on days I work with my wife.

Personal Goal 1: (Push-ups): 7000/5200 Thumbs-Up I may continue this – and aim for a higher number – maybe 7,800-10,400

Personal Goal 2: (Personal Trainer for my Wife): 22/15 Thumbs-Up  My goal here – to get her to set up her own machines and do the workout with less guidance.

The 2013 Winter 52 Day Challenge starts on Wednesday, January 2, 2013.  We are forming the Challenge Host Team, I may end up being one of the Hosts.  I probably could do it without too much of a problem.  I stepped into the background so that others would step forward.  And they Did.

Footnote: Went out with dear friends last night – they retired to Florida.  We were catching them up on what my wife has been through and I told them the story of her reaction to the Cholesterol Statin meds.  Found out they are both taking the stuff.  He is in great shape and wants to get off it – the reality of his dad’s early death eats at him.  She buys the NEED completely out of fear based upon her family history.  I am going to send him the link to The Great Cholesterol Myth.  Let’s see if he actually reads it.  So far – it is a good read and I am actually learning something.