The timing is perfect – all my 52DC goals were hit and I could relax.  We did not start going to the gym until Saturday – and even then – not an “all out” workout.  No problem – just wanted to get the body moving.

We have yet to cook dinner at home.  Friday – out to BoneFish Grill in Boynton Beach.  Saturday – a concert with dinner at the development’s social hall – BYOB – and we did.  Sunday – dinner at friends – she made Latkes – potato pancakes for the 2nd night of Hannukah.  Love these winter holidays and friends who can cook traditional dishes.

We had the potato pancakes.  She made one batch with gluten free flour for a guest who is sensitive to gluten, and another batch the traditional way – with matzo meal.  She makes them thin and crispy – I had two traditional ones.

Naturally the discussion of the one guest’s gluten free world lead to the various Low Carb recipes which are also gluten free.  She focused on the Flax seed bread in a Mug.

This morning we went to the gym.  Got in a workout – just not intense.  More importantly – my wife just drove over to her girl friend’s house to swim.  I was in the passenger seat.  She did just fine.  This development is an over 55 gated community.  The streets are wide, the traffic very light, and the ground is flat with clear views ahead.  The perfect place to re-establish her ability to drive.  I did not stay – she has so little ability to socialize without me around – let it be her time.

Tonight – we will probably have a quiet dinner at home and maybe catch an early movie.  No Pressure.

Looking ahead to the Winter 2013 52DC, we have rounded up a Challenge Host Team of 4 without me.  Great.  I will play “Bus Driver” to get it started and then they are on their own.

Quiet time for me – maybe I’ll read or not – who cares.

BTW: I picked up another Egg Nog recipe and added it to the existing one.  Looks easier to make.