I’ve started preparing for the upcoming Winter 52DC which starts on Wednesday, January 2nd.  I like to get off to a clean start without having to first figure out what I’m doing on day One.

Last evening I spent some time re-working my DIY Workout Program that I developed from the template in the BBOE and melded with concepts from HIAH.  This is Phase 10.  I needed to modify my workout since my new gym does not have all the equipment I like – especially the Trap Bar.

My last Post spoke about the Squat, Curl and Push Press as the core of my Cardio.  I did that this morning.  Started with 25 push-ups.  Then the S/C/PP using 15 pound DBs.  Not heavy – aimed for form and speed.  At that weight, the 16th rep is tough but I finished all 16 in 30-45 seconds.  I should be able to progress quickly on this one.  Then I did a set of Chin-ups and started again.  Did 3 rounds in 15 minutes.  This will work just fine.

Now I’ve got to set up the Tracking Spread Sheet. ETA: Done