I made a big mistake.  Yep – really big.  My PG1 for this 52 DC is 7800 push-ups or 150 per day.  I actually considered making it 200/day and aiming for 10400.

Doing 150 in a day is not usually a big deal.  Seriously, at 25 avg per set, that is merely 6 sets spread out over the day.  Doable – no question.  So – WTF is the problem.

Actually there are two problems, one minor – one major.

The Minor one – I lose count.  Not as stupid as it sounds – especially when you are mixing them in at the gym and then finishing them at home.  I probably end up doing one set too many or too few – it evens out.

The Major one – Well – what happens if life throws you a curve ball and you only do 80 in a day.  You’ve got to do 220 the next day or you just keep falling further behind.  Eventually you can’t catch up.

And don’t think about pulling ahead to give yourself so breathing room.  150 is a lot.  You hit that number and you don’t feel like doing any more.

What a conundrum I’ve created for myself.  This is forcing me to stay on top of this goal.

Now to do the last set of 25 and go to bed.