Yesterday, our area had a wintry mix event.  Snow turning to freezing rain.  The schools let out early to avoid the risk of driving in the afternoon.  My office left at 3:00 or so.  I headed out the door at 3:40pm.

The rear steps down to the parking lot were wet but not icy.  The raised concrete area at the base of the steps appeared the same.  I walked down the steps and onto that area.  Mistake.  Ice.  My legs went out from under me and I fell backwards. Hard.

I landed on my right buttock.  Ouch.  Freezing Cold.  Soaking Wet from foot to head.  No one around.  I managed to get up – cursing the Powers-That-Be.  I retrieved my hat – wet now, along with the bag of stuff I was carrying.

As I got into the car, I started to assess my damages.  My right buttock hurt like hell. But – I had not broken an ankle, wrist, elbow and most importantly my hip.  I had not hit my head on the concrete.  Lucky – probably will end up with a massive bruise.

When I got home, I asked my wife to take a look – nope – nothing – maybe a bit of a red mark.  This morning – still nothing – just a bit of a red mark.  Strange.

Was able to do my 150 push-ups that evening.

Went to the gym this morning and did the Squat-Curl-Push Press.  No problem.

Is it luck?  Or – the fact that I’ve been exercising and that my bones are strong and my body could take the beating?

I’m going to assume the latter.  Why – at 68+ – many of my contemporaries would now be in the hospital with a broken hip.

Or – maybe the Powers-that-Be just decided it was not my turn.