On January 13, 2013, Rookie (one of the Men’s Health Forum Moderators) posted a notice that “Man On Top – Lose Fat, Get Fit and Control Your Weight for Life” by Roland Denzel with Galina Ivanova Denzel was free for Kindle.  I never heard of the authors, but Rookie was recommending it and it was free for a two-day period.  So – I purchased it. 

The forward was by Lou Schuler who told a little about Roland Denzel and his journey from fat and unfit to fit.  Denzel is also a presence on JP Fitness.

He is part of the community that includes Adam Campbell, Lou Schuler, Alan Aragon and the likes.  Impressive friends.

The book is an easy read.  It is aimed at Novices – individuals who are first starting out on the Journey to change their life.  No – it is not a weight loss manual, nor does it push one type of eating plan over another.  He does parcel out the Good – the Bad and the Fugly.

The Good: Low Carb, Paleo, Primal, Wise Traditions, Clean Eating, and Real Food.

The Bad: Any program that is selling you something – but – also the USDA recommendations.

The Fugly – those which are dangerous or promote unhealthy practices.  HCG diets, Low Fat diets, Cabbage Soup, and Cleanse diets. Hmmm – I just figured  out what fugly stands for. 😉

The exercise plan is basic, structured and in steps.  Good starting point.

It is definitely a read that I recommend for beginners or those who have tried the Bad and the Fugly and rebounded.  The focus here – Change Your Life.  Unfortunately – most of those who need to read it will not – since there are no gimmicks and it doesn’t offer you an easy path to instant weight loss and instant muscles.   I’m being a bit cynical – but truth is it’s own defense.