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Good Morning Challengers and welcome to the 44th day of the Winter 52DC.

Today also is the celebration of  St.Valentines (Valentinus) Day. While the holidays origins are murky – and 21st century historians agree that the accounts from this period are not historically accurate – the most popular legend begins in Rome when Claudius II was Emperor. Claudius was having great difficulty getting soldiers to join his army. He reasoned that Roman men did not want to leave their lovers and families to go off and fight in foreign lands.  Claudius decided that one of  the solutions to his problem was to cancel all impending marriages and engagements in Rome.

Valentinus was a priest in Rome and defied the Emperors order in continuing to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When our hero’s actions were discovered – he was arrested and sentenced to death. While in prison – Valentinus fell in love with a young girl who it is speculated was the jailer’s daughter. His execution – carried out on the 14th day of February effectively ended the love affair.  But before his death our hero wrote his paramour professing his unending love – which he signed  – you guessed it  – Your Valentinus.

The celebration of St Valentines Day on February 14th was formalized in 496 by Pope Gelasius I. The holiday began to pick up steam in Victorian England and began seeing its first commercial success.  Today it is widely viewed as a “manufactured holiday” for the benefit of confectioners and the greeting card industry.

Regardless of the holiday’s origins or what perpetuates the present form – today is a celebration of love. So in the words of that famous modern-day philosopher and lyricist Stephen Stills  “If you can’t be with the one you love – love the one you’re with“.