As I’ve moved from counting carbs to the TNT way and on to a more Ketogenic diet, I have attempted to stay away from Low Carb highly processed products.  I watched Weight Watchers turn from a diet program and support group to a food company.  Now I’m watching Atkins do the same thing.  Products are their profit margin.

I’ve tried many of the Low Carb products.  Some even taste OK – others are down right awful.  Many have a lot – and I do mean – a lot of sugar alcohols.  I have a bad reaction to those.   Once I received a holiday gift basket filled with Low Carb products – AWFUL.  It cost the giver a great deal and was worthless.   So – I stick to whole foods and every now and then have a real carb indulgence.

When it comes to Joseph’s  Low Carb Pitas, Tortillas and Lavash Bread – I’m conflicted.  They are good – actually – too good.  I make flat bread pizza from the Lavash Bread; quesadillas from the Tortillas and Pita sandwiches.  4-5 net grams of carbs per serving with 4+ grams of fiber and 6+ grams of protein – not too shabby.

Since I’m not eating “paleo” and not trying to lose weight – and they fall well within the carb “ballpark” – what’s my conflict? 

I don’t want to become so reliant upon them that if they are not available, I will just say – the hell with it and eat a full carb product.  I’ve learned to eat without bread – I do not want to go backwards.

And that is my conflict.

So they are saved as a treat – for the weekend – when meals are more leisurely and we can enjoy – not as a convenience to grab as a sandwich on the way out the door.

What are your thoughts on these low carb products?