I’ve been participating in the 52 Day Challenge since the Summer of 2008.  There are 5 Challenges each year.  I have not missed one since I started.

This is an On-line Challenge comprised of Three Core Goals that you set for yourself: Clean Eating, Resistance Training, and Cardio Training.  You can also set Personal Goals for yourself ranging from exercise related to reading books or even getting to sleep by a certain hour.  It is hosted by Men’s Health but many women participate as well as individuals from all over the world.

Check out the FAQs. They give you a really complete understanding. Then go to the 52DC Forum and sign-up.

I stumbled upon the 52DC because I was participating in the Men’s Health TNT Forum. These two resources have helped me stay the course. 

They will do the same for you.

Sign-up today.  See You at the Starting Line.