Just a couple of days until the start of the Spring 52DC – this Wednesday, March 13th.  Wow – I need this.  Between not having the structure of the 52DC to keep me on the straight and narrow and then taking a week off while my daughter was in from California – I am more than ready.

What to do?  I need to get back to focusing on pushing up the weights.  This year has been about my wife.  She is making strong progress and I can now start re-focusing on me – at least a bit more.

Clean Eating – just keep on doing what I’ve been doing.  Not looking to lose weight, just not gain any.

Resistance Training – I’ve updated my DIY workout.  Here is the BBOE Design It Yourself – Phase 11 which I will use this Challenge.  It is an incremental change from the prior workout.  This time – I will aggressively track weights and reps with an eye on increasing the weight.

Cardio Training – I will continue with 3 sets of the following:  25 push-ups, 15 DB Squat-Curl-Push Press, amap chin-ups.  All done in a quick non-stop set.

Personal Goal-1: 5200 push-ups – just to keep this program alive.

Personal Goal-2: Continue working with my wife – the trick here – keeping it interesting.  She alternates days between two 15 minute sessions on different cardio machines – on these days, I get in my RT – and one 15 minute session on a Cardio machine and then my working with her on different machines and free weights.  Our non-gym goal for her – getting her driving again.  Watch out world – here she comes!

This looks like it should be a full plate.

Let the Challenge Begin!