Friday is my normal day off from exercising.  It is my BNI breakfast meeting.  That has been my routine for years.  No Problem.

It seems my head is just not fully in the game.  I ate clean – that much worked.  I did not do the 100 push-ups that were scheduled as part of my 52DC Personal Goal.

I got home from work and relaxed.  Sat on my arse.  Vegged out.  Watched TV.

Today I will start paying the penalty.  Did 100 push-ups during my workout this morning.  Now I’ve got a hundred more to get out of the way and back on track.  Pain.

In between the sets of push-ups – I did sets of chin-ups.  Got in 30 of those.  I like being a guy who does NOT use the assisted pull-up machine.  Makes me feel good.

Got to refocus – now.