I missed a workout yesterday – took the grand kids to Liberty Science Center in New Jersey.  Wonderful day. Even managed to eat clean with a grilled chicken salad.

I did one set of 25 push-ups before I left to make up for what I was behind.  When I got home – 4 sets of 25 throughout the evening to hit the mark for Sunday.  Have to stay on top of these if I am going to make my 52DC Goal.

I didn’t set the alarm this morning and woke up 30 minutes late – on a dead run to get to the gym.  Got in a full workout.  Workout B of my DIY Phase 11 workout.

Swiss Ball Crunches:  I do 100 of these each day – not for my abs but for my back.  Gets the Synovial fluid moving.

Mountain Climber (BOSU): 3 sets of 30 to 60 seconds.

Barbell Dead Lift:  Ignored this one for all to long – back to it – getting the weights moving in the right direction.

Push-ups:  Got in 4 sets of 25 to hit today’s mark.  Alternated these with the Dead Lifts

Goblet Squat:  More work – but I am actually holding less weight than I lost.  Alternated with the Curls.

EZ Bar Curl:  Returning to the beginning – need to add weight and not just pump ’em out.

Good workout – Tomorrow – a CT.