The schools are on a 2 hour delay.  4+ inches of snow.  Raining now – the snow soaking it up like a sponge.  The main roads were plowed but not clean.  The Driveway – not plowed.  Steep drive way – heading down.  Mound of Snow at the base.  Plowed through it.  Got to the gym – parking lot empty – so was the gym – great.

Did my cardio routine:  25 push-ups – 15 DB (20lb) squat, curl, push-press, then 5+ chin-ups.  All done in quick succession.  Rest – Repeat – 3 sets. 15-20 minutes.  Tried 25 pounders for the first set.  Got 10 out.  Switched to the 20’s for the 2nd and 3rd sets.  No one else does anything like these.  I wonder what’s going through their mind as I do them.  CT accomplished along with PG 1.

Then worked with my wife.  She did her 15 minutes on the elliptical then we went to the DVD Class room.  Empty.  All those who are usually there – weren’t – good.  She got in another 15 minutes of dance moves.  Then we worked on her dorsiflexors – got to get those in full shape – otherwise – how do you move your foot off the gas on to the break and modulate the pressure.  We followed this by bouncing a small swiss ball on her thigh – trying to hit the ceiling.  Find me a machine or exercise that replicates that movement – I can’t. PG-2 accomplished.

Made it up the driveway – never gonna buy anything but an AWD vehicle – well – until I move south.