Up and out early.  Today was an RT day.  Pushing the weights up – a little at a time but in the right direction.

Did the incline bench DB presses with 2 -45’s – got 10 reps out.  My major problem with pushing past this mark is getting the DBs into the air – the first time.  Once there – I’m good.  Need more control.

The DB squats – 2 – 55’s – the only thing holding me down is my grip.  The Trap bar was a better way to go – unfortunately – this gym doesn’t have one.

Did shrugs while holding the DBs after each of these exercises – not sure why – but – hey – one more thing to do.  Both of these exercises were done with more weight than I lost (80 pounds).

Put my wife on this strange machine which you do in a standing position.  The padded bar goes across your thigh and you lift it up with your leg – while holding onto the bar in front of you.  This is the same movement as the “ball bounce” – but – it isolates the movement.  No Balance required.  So it is of limited value other than having her go through the arduous process of actually getting on the machine and into right placement for the movement. All of this has value – just need to keep things moving.

Did 3 sets of 25 push-ups.  Did not do any push-ups yesterday.  Interesting.  I cut back from 200/day to 100/day for this 52 DC.  100/day is a piece of cake.  I can make up a lost session with no sweat.