Overhead presses have not been my greatest area of strength.  I kinda envy those who can press heavy weights.  Now and then I make a modicum of progress.

This morning was a “cardio” workout – 3 sets of push-ups – DB Squat, Curl, Push-Press – Chin-ups.  The 3 exercises are done in fast succession.  The push-ups were 40-30-30.  That gave me my 100 for today.  The Chin-ups – 3 sets of 5 but I hold at the top and focus on the Negative by very slowly lowering myself. 

I’ve been using 20 pound dumbbells since the beginning and doing these fast (15 reps) – really works up a sweat and challenges my breathing.  People get out of my way since I am moving fast and really throwing the DBs up into the air.  I suspect that they have no faith in this old guy maintaining control of the weights.  I tried moving up to 25s several weeks ago but that did not work out.   Finally – today – 3 sets using 25s – OK – only 12 reps per set.  Who cares – I am a happy man.

Yesterday was an RT.   Made some progress there.

The DB Squats – moved up to 60s – really challenging my grip more than my quads.  Although the Incline DB Bench Press remained the same at 45s, I was able to get them air born with less difficulty and did sets of 10 reps.  So I count that as progress.  Controlling the DBs is important to me.  So many guys just drop them.  It seems to me that the control in all aspects of the lift are important. After all – this is not a weight lifting competition where that is expected.

Note on my wife.  She is now walking around the gym on her toes as an added exercise.  Try it.  Not as easy as it sounds.  Really focusing on her Scapular Muscles – as suggested by her Physical Therapist. 

Tomorrow – Barbell Dead Lift.  I am back up to 135: 2 – 45 plates on a 45 pound bar.  My highest weight was 225: 4 – 45s on a 45 pound bar.  That was over a year ago – when I was really focusing on Dead Lifts.  Not sure how far I am going to take it this time. 

Time will tell.