Today’s main event was the Dead Lift. 

Before I moved away from doing them, I had hit 225.  That was more than a year ago – at least before my wife’s stroke.  I backed off of that level since it required significant focus on one lift.  I wanted to get a more full body workout. 

Last week I hit 120 + the bar = 165.  I used a 35 and 25 on each side.  This morning, I started with 45s for my first set.  Went to add weight to get to the 120 and realized that I would need a 10 and a 5 on each side.  Too much effort – so I just added a 25 on each side.  Done.   185 – just a bit above my body weight.  Did two sets of 3 and then took off the 25s and did a final set of 6.

Used a 65 pound DB for goblet squats.  No Problem.

I do not need to lift Heavy Weights – never going to be a competitive lifter – but it is nice to be able to – do more than the next guy.

A good day.