I subscribe to Jonny Bowden’s email/blog.  Yes – he does a lot of self promotion and sales – but no more than everyone else.  For the most part, his information is on target.

In his recent Blog post he discussed LDL Particle Size and the out dated tests used by the medical profession to trigger the prescription of LDL lowering drugs.  He restated the method of estimating your LDL particle size:  Divide your Triglyceride Number by your HDL Number. If it is 3 or less – then you are in good shape.  If it is higher, then you need to get a more sophisticated blood test.

I get a kick out of one statement in the article:

The triglyceride number will always be higher (OK, 99.999999% of the time). To find the ratio, simply divide triglycerides by HDL.

My last blood test (1/2013)  had the triglycerides at 51 and HDL at 104.  I need to go back to 2008 to have tri levels higher than my HDL and 2005 to have a ratio that was dangerous.  Not only am I below 3 or even 2 but I am below 1 – or .49

Do I think that eating Low Carb, losing weight and exercising did the trick – damn right I do.