I modified my workout for this 52DC.  Nothing major.  Kept the Exercises I wanted to focus on and changed up some others.  Some thoughts on the new and the old.

Wheel Roll Out:  Not all that difficult.  I’ve got to make it work for me in a more comprehensive manner.

Incline DB Bench Press:  Stuck at 45s.  May need to enlist a spotter to break through this barrier.

Dumbbell Squat:  70’s – prefer a Track Bar.

Chin-ups: Multiple sets of 5 – not really interested in pushing this to a higher level.

Swiss Ball Hip Raise & Leg Curl:  Forgot that although it looks easy – just how much this can hurt.

Mountain Climber on BOSU:  Great warm up

Barbell Dead Lift:  At 185 – may go higher or not.

Push-ups:  100 per day.

Goblet Squat:  75

DB Bent Arm Lateral Raise & External Rotation:  Had to reduce the weight to 5s – will build up quickly.

Cable Push-Pull:  At 35 on the stack

Barbell Row:  135

Dumbbell Step-up: 2 40s

Farmer’s Walk on Toes: 2-45 plates

EZ Bar Curl: 60 or 70 depending upon the day.  I should switch this off to DBs – but hate the way the guys do those in front of a mirror.

Big Guns will never be mine.