Incline DB Bench Presses have always been a bit of a problem.  I have been stuck at 45s for awhile.  The difficulty is getting them air borne.  Once they are up – no problem – I can punch out 10 reps.  Getting air borne is the problem.  I refuse to use a spotter to help me get them up.  That is what I need to do without help.

Part of the problem may be in my twisted mind.  Several years ago, I had tried to get 50s up – and lost control – smashing a finger between the two DBs.  Hurt like a SOB.  Did not smash the bone but lost the nail.  After that I backed down.  Then my wife had a stroke and my ability to focus on  increasing weights took a back seat.

This morning – I DID IT!  I got 50s up in the air – not once but 3 times: 10-10-8 reps.

Why?  One week ago – I could not do it.  Why today?  Some possibilities:

  • I had a carb heavy meal last night – Indian food – the breads did me in?
  • A guy – late 20s – who I know and who is buff was working out next to me – I had to prove myself or at least not embarrass myself – hmmmm?
  • I had a full 8 hours sleep?
  • I over came my fear of 50s?
  • I have been working towards this goal – and finally achieved it?  Probably.

What ever the reason or reasons – it is now my new base number – recorded on my clip board – so no backing down next week.  I alternated sets of the bench presses with DB Squats using 70s.  Still prefer a track bar.

The Ab Wheel roll outs are interesting.  Not sure of their value.  The Swiss Ball hip raise and leg curls are tough – to do right.

Good work out – happy.  Now to get those push-ups in before I lose control of them.  100 a day is not difficult – just finding the time and remembering to do them.