Yesterday was the second workout using the Ab Wheel.  It is the first exercise of the morning and aimed at my core.  I rotate between it, Mountain Climbers using the BOSU platform and Push-Pulls on pulleys.

I start on my knees and roll out and back.  Each time the roll out was a bit further until I was parallel to and only a couple of inches above the floor.  I really did not find it “stressing” my abs but – so what.  3 sets of 10

This morning, I realized that my arms – focusing around my triceps – were sore.  What did I do – then I pictured the roll out and holding at full extension.  An Ah Ha moment ensued.  If I woke with residual soreness – good – damn good.

There is another guy at the gym who cycles in an Ab Wheel.  I’ve watched his variations – using it almost as an unsteady platform to do planks.  I can see the value.

I will continue to play with it and see where it takes me.

Today I did 175 push-ups.  I really can’t let my self fall behind on my 52DC goal.  100 a day is not tough – doing them consistently is.