I came across an article on Yahoo about a new book by Jorge Cruise entitled “The 100 – Count Only Sugar Calories and Lose Up To 18 lbs. in 2 Weeks.”

The article states that:

Jorge Cruise, author of the number-one New York Times bestseller, The 100, claims that by limiting yourself to 100 sugar calories a day and eating whatever else you want – from bacon to hunks of cheese – you can shed pounds in a hurry.

During the first four weeks – you eat no more than 100 Sugar calories a day – which equals – 25 grams of carbs – which equals – the adaptation period of a Ketogenic Diet – or – the induction phase of Atkins – or – the first 4 weeks of the TNT Diet – or – the adaptation period of almost any other Very Low Carb Diet.

He also appears to copy aspects of the point system from WW.  This is just re-packaging and marketing.  Is that a bad thing?  No.  It might even make eating low carb more accessible to the masses.  Just don’t claim that it is a revolutionary new diet.

This is an echo of my original Carb Counting days at the start of my weight loss journey.

Give me break – a rose by any other name …….. blah……..blah………blah!

Rant over.

UPDATE:  I bought the book for my Kindle, read it, and wrote a more complete review at this Post.