My 3 day a week workout attempts to be full body each day.  That is not 100% possible since you can not do two different all out heavy lifts on the same day without undermining one or both.  Today was more heavily aimed at lower body.

Mountain Climbers on Bosu platform:  I do 3 sets of these as a starting point after 100 Swiss Ball Crunches.

Barbell Dead Lift:  This is the day’s BIG lift.  Today I added more weight bringing it up to 205 with the Bar.  Happiness.  Will I get back up to 225?  Only time will tell.

Push-ups:  100 per day.  Doing this each and every day for the 52DC – staying on track.

Goblet Squat:  Added weight – now at 85 lb. DB.  Heavy and deep squat.

DB Bent Arm Lateral Raise & External Rotation:  I’ve replaced this with Cuban Presses and today managed to bring the weight up to 12 lb DB.  This doesn’t get pushed too fast or I’ll rip my shoulder apart instead of strengthening it.

It was a good workout and I can feel the reminder of it in various muscles.  Good feeling.