Good Evening, my name is TNT Man and I am a Carboholic.  That ‘s right – I am addicted to Carbs.  If I don’t stay Clean – I will be back up to 260 pounds.

I spotted this Article on Yahoo, entitled “Why Carbs May Cause Cravings.”  This is one of those studies that I refer to as “The illumination of the Obvious – By and For the Ignorant.”  Damn right they cause cravings.  They are designed by Big Food to do just that.  Big Food is creating chemically addictive foods to fill their pockets with filthy lucre.

Christopher Gardner, a nutrition scientist at Stanford University Medical Center who was not involved in the study, said that this study and others looking at the question of whether refined carbs can truly be addictive may have implications for how these foods should be regulated.

“If it can be demonstrated that addictive foods are bypassing an individual’s ability to regulate their intake, then the possibility of designing, passing and enforcing legislation to help support Americans in making healthier food choices becomes more of a reality,” Gardner wrote in an email to LiveScience.

And just when Marijuana was heading towards being legalized, they are now talking about making Pringles illegal.

Go Figure!