The Summer 2013 52 Day Challenge just ended. I have been doing these since the Summer 2008 Challenge.  5 years at 5 Challenges a year – 25 Challenges.  Not bad.

The Challenges are hosted on the Men’s Health Forums.  They are Peer operated.  Men’s Health does not get involved in the operation or design of the Challenges.  That they provide a home – is enough.  For that, I am grateful.

The MH Forums are really the only ones I participate in.  The TNT Diet Forum was critical to not merely my weight loss but to my understanding of Low Carb eating.  The various exercise forums provided me with Knowledge.  But – it was and is the 52DC Forum that really provids me with the support that I did not know I needed.

Others have expressed the importance of this community.  Today dwidep expressed it best:

I am truly grateful for having found this forum. I can say without any doubt that I am lighter, in better shape, happier, and have a better direction for having participated in this challenge.

luckyff participated in a number of Challenges, although none recently.  He stopped back to express his appreciation and let us know of his progress.  Check out his Story – it is amazing.  Also, check out his Blog.  He has not been keeping it up, but it is an interesting piece of his history.

Over the years, there have been other stories.  Is it time for you to write your own?