The Web is full of Paleo Frozen Banana recipes as their substitute for Ice Cream.  No surprise that Dole came out with Yonanas, a machine that makes this treat easy and bluntly – fun.

Last evening we went out with friends.  They chose the restaurant – a BBQ/Smoke House place.  Everything marinated in and covered in heavy sauces.  From Ribs to Chicken to Steak, Pulled Pork to Pulled Chicken, Sausage and just keep on naming the smoked and BBQ’d meat.  The upper floor is pretty much a Bar area and restaurant while the lower floor is a restaurant only – mainly for the old folk and families with kids.  Guess where we ate – damn noisy kids.  Probably would have been quieter in the upper floor.

We tried to stay the line – knowing that even ordering things without sauce was no guarantee that the dry rub didn’t have sugar in it.  No potatoes, no bread – had a double order of Cole Slaw for my 2 sides and chicken wings for an appetizer.  Got one light draft beer – hey – I was driving.

Our friends invited us back to their home for desert.  They had just gotten a Yonanas machine – (their son is Paleo).  The Challenge was over and this was an opportunity for a Carb Re-Load meal.

Her counter was piled high with bananas ripening.  She took out of the freezer already ripe, peeled and cut up bananas as well as a bag of frozen mixed berries.  Into the machine went the bananas alternating with the mixed berries.  Out came a frozen concoction.  It needed to be mixed to get the frozen berry mash distributed among the frozen banana mash.  No added sugar or other flavorings. 

Damn it was Good.

Checked out the Carb Count – One cup of Mashed Bananas – which was approximately what I had – 45 net grams – add the 10-15 net grams for the berries – WOW!

No Complaints – it was a treat.

And it showed this morning on the scale. 😦

Update:  Tonight my wife and I made Low Carb Ice Cream. Nota Bene – Not Low Calorie – I may have to eat saw dust all week to make up for this weekend.