I’ve aged into an every 6 month physical and blood work. Ah the Joys of Aging.  A week before the physical I get the blood drawn.  I always get a copy of the Lab report from the Doc.  After all – I paid for it – or at least I paid for the insurance that paid for it.


Total: 207 – Notated as High on the Lab Report

LDL: 104 – Notated as High on the Lab Report

HDL: 93

Triglycerides: 48

Particle Size Ratio: .52

Glucose: 92

C-Reactive Protein: 4.3

In light of the HDL & Triglycerides – the Doc didn’t care about the Total and LDL

Although the C-RP is within the high-end of the normal range – 4.9 is the top of normal range – he prescribed 1 mg of Folic Acid to bring it down.  I did some reading on this and am more than a little bit confused.  Most C-RP blood tests are done from blood drawn from veins – not arteries.  Got to do more reading.

He then scheduled me in for my annual Echo Cardiogram.

Here’s the Link to my prior blood tests.

Next test – January 2014.