Spam may not be the most nutritious highly processed meat product on the market – but – it does have only 1 gram of Carbs per ounce.  Not bad – especially if you are living in Hawaii.  This falls into the category of eat once in a blue moon.

There is an even less nutritious Spam that has no Carbs.  It is the type of “Comments” that have been inundating this site.  Their latest hook is commenting on my recipe for Firehouse Chili.  I grant you that it is a great recipe – particularly for a cold night – but really – we are up to over 100 spam comments on this page alone.  What a waste of time reviewing and deleting them and WordPress’ efforts to control the situation.

Ah Well. 😦

I have to spend this evening designing a new Workout.  I finished 9 weeks of the last one and we have a new 52DC starting on August 7th.  Not going to be a drastic change.  Still working on pushing up weights on the dead lift and other lifts.  Happily – the Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises makes this an easy task.  

I am reading – albeit – slowly: Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, by Michael Moss.  This is an excellent book.  My problem – I am reading it in the evening and I drift off after a couple of pages.  Lots of great information – just not exciting.  I will write a review – if I ever finish.