Missed a workout on Sunday.  Had guests  for dinner – they stayed very late and then I got up really early to take my DIL to the airport.  No traffic to JFK at 6:30 on a Sunday morning.  Sweet.

This morning was Workout B of the Phase 13 workout that I started on Saturday morning.   This the the Dead Lift workout.  Tough one.  Added the Push-up with Dumbbell Row.  To do that exercise, you really need hexagon DBs or you risk breaking your wrist or doing other damage.

The only hex DBs are in the “classroom” under a big sign: “Do not take equipment out of this room.”  Screw it – took two 10s and hit the mat in the free weight area.  This exercise is a beeettttcccchhhh.

It really forces the utilization of multiple muscles – all over your body.  Balance and Counter Balance.  A push-up – no problem – DB row with 10 pounds – no problem.  Put them together – tough.  One rep = push-up, return to up position, row with right DB, push-up, return to up position, row with left DB.  That is one rep.

The largest hex DB is 12 pounds.  Once I get to 4 sets of 5 reps with the 10s, I will move up to the 12s – then just increase the reps per set.

BTW:  Congrats to 52DC‘er, TommylandNYC for completing the Lake Placid Ironman competition.  He did it in 15:23:20.  I can’t even stay awake that many hours.  Nicely done Tommy.