It is tough trying to find Wild Alaskan Salmon.  Seriously – at Costco – my favorite store – I can only find farmed salmon.  I want to increase my intake of fish – to at least once a week – but I do not want to eat farmed salmon.

This past weekend, we were shopping at Costco and stumbled upon a box of Morey’s Seasoned Grill Wild Alaskan Salmon in the Freezer section. Six 6 oz filets – marinated and ready to cook $14.99 or approximately $7.50 per pound. The farmed “fresh” salmon was upwards of $10.00 per pound.  What the hey – purchased two boxes.  Had friends over that evening and put 8 pieces on the grill.  Served with a side of Sour Cream seasoned with Dill.  Everyone loved it – or at least ate it.  The left overs were the next day’s lunch.  This evening we had the remaining 4 – grilled outside.

Each piece of fish came vacuumed wrap – soaking in a marinade which does not contain overt sugar.

Here is the nutritional label. 

WP SG.jpg

I do not usually recommend a product.  In this case – I’m all for it.  Hope I’m not wrong.