Time to get serious.  The next 52DC starts a week from today.  What are my Goals?  Got to think that one through.

Did workout C this morning.  The only new exercise is Standing Dumbbell Curls.  Have not done that one in ages.  Probably because the guys around me doing them have bigger guns than I have or will ever have.  They are curling heavy DBs or at least heavier than the ones I am presently able to curl.  Of course – they have skinny legs.

Self Perception – Weakling.  Will do what I gotta do.  No backing down.

The real question – will I post a weight loss goal?  This summer has not been kind.  I have to get myself back into fighting shape.

If you are curious about the 52 Day Challenge check out the FAQs and then Sign Up.  It is a great way to focus on your personal goals.  I always find it interesting how far-flung the participants are.  Australia, Japan, Ireland, UK, Canada, Netherlands – to name a few.

See you at the Starting Line.