The 52DC starts in less than a week.  During the first full week my daughter and grandson arrive for a week’s visit.  So much to do with them.  September is filled with major bumps in the road – still – have to make this happen.  Can’t lose control – no excuses.

Here are my tentative Goals:

  • Clean Eats: 96/104
  • Cardio Training: 15
  • Resistance Training: 15
  • Personal Goal – 1: 15 Personal Training sessions with Wife
  • Personal Goal – 2: 5200 push-ups
  • Personal Goal – 3: Limit Alcohol to 10 days of the 52 and the amount of alcohol is limited to 2 drinks on any one day or lose a CE.
  • Personal Goal – 4: Weight Loss – Need to get back to <180. Actual amount will be determined based upon weight on the morning of the 7th.

Still fiddl’n with my work out.  I’ve done all three workouts and now need to fine tune them.  Probably will substitute a cable core exercise for the Mountain Climbers.  May switch something for the Farmer’s Walk.  Still play’n with it.