Last night we had dinner at friends.  We needed to bring over a dessert – Low Carb.  Opened the Fridge and explored the possibilities.

There was one 8oz package of cream cheese.  That’s it – Cheese Cake.  The only problem – the recipe required 3 of those packages and made 16 slices.  There were only going to be the 4 of us.  No problem. 

First we reduced the recipe by 2/3’s – well almost.  How do you get 1 1/3 eggs?  – I asked my wife.  Her response.  1 egg and 1 yolk.

Next we needed a pan that would work.  No go.  We did not have a small enough spring-form pan.  We did have 4 – 6oz ramekins.  Ah – individual Cheese Cakes.  Nice.

The almond meal crust – my wife insisted that we needed to make the full batch – I protested – but gave up.  She was right.  Not sure how she knew – experience – I guess. 

The cooking time needed to be reduced – 40 minutes was enough.

Took them out to cool.

While they were cooking, she sliced up some fresh strawberries to put on top.  She also blended one or two with a bit of water and sweetener.  Poured that on the slices – tossed and let meld.  They would be spooned on the individual pots as people desired.

They looked small – but the richness shown through.  More than enough – satisfying – and impressive.

Wonderful.  Wonderful. Wonderful.